New Attack on Titan 2 Details Emerge, Give More Insight to Play Styles

Today, Koei Tecmo announced brand new details surrounding the upcoming Attack on Titan 2 game for the PlayStation 4. Some of the features are support-focused, while some are more flashy moves that will help you in your quest to slaying all the titans.

Among some of the new features detailed are “Buddy Actions,” actions that are essentially support options that team members can offer one another. These options include Rescue, Recovery, and Titan Transformation, the latter of which will allow team members to unlock the potential power of Titans.

However, not all features are support-based like the Buddy Actions. Koei Tecmo also announced new moves like the hook drives that allow players to utilize a “jump and evade” style of attack. Players will also be able to equip flash grenades which can be used to incapacitate Titans in danger zones. For more information on some of the newly announced details, check out below:

Not all features are support-focused however, with moves like hook drives resulting in a fast-paced ‘jump and evade’ style attacks and sneak attacks helping Scouts strategize and withhold powerful attacks for just the right moment. For sneak attacks to be successful, the Scouts have to remain undetected by Titans; a feat not so easily achieved if players linger too much in their gigantic foes’ field of vision. Balancing the gameplay even more, players will also be able to equip flash grenades, used to incapacitate Titans in danger zones. Items such as restraining guns can also assist in the capture of Titans.

Attack on Titan 2 is set to release in early 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita (this version isn’t coming to the west), Nintendo Switch and PC.