Find Out More About the World of Valkyria Chronicles 4

SEGA is releasing a bunch of new information on Valkyria Chronicles 4! Today’s information comes from SEGA’s official Japanese website on the latest title of the Valkyria series, which was translated by Gematsu. The website explains more of the backstory and world of Valkyria Chronicles 4, so if you’re wondering more about the game’s plot, this is the update you’ll want to read.

Here’s the new information on the world Valkyria Chronicles 4’s world:

The setting is the fictional continent of Europa. Specifically, the entire western region of the largest continent in the northern hemisphere. Since ancient times, many battles for supremacy have been fought in pursuit of the country’s unification.

In the 1800s, the continent of Europa was divided into two major powers in the east and west: the allied nation called the “Autocratic Eastern Imperial Alliance,” which governs the country with an emperor at its center, and the federation of republic states known as the “Atlantic Federation,” which abolished Imperial rule. Eventually, both powers fought over the mineral resource known as “Ragnite.”

In 1935, world affairs steadily worsened, and the Imperial army violated the non-aggression treaty and began advancing onto the Federation. And the greatest war in history, the “Second Europan War,” which engulfed the entire continent of Europa, suddenly commenced.

Claude Wallace, who participated in the war as captain of the Federation army’s Squad E, fought an early battle in the war and struggled to attain victory.

However, three months after the war began, the Federation army, which was repeatedly defeated by the Imperial army’s overwhelming resources ended up in a difficult situation.

After finishing a battle, Claude returned to base and was informed by his superior of a large-scale strategy having begun. It was “Operation Northern Cross,” a major counterattack to raid the empire’s capital city in order to overturn the Federation’s numerical inferiority.

Make sure to check the Gematsu article for even more information, including character introductions!

Valkyria Chronicles 4 releases in 2018 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

[Source: Gematsu]