Destiny 2 Limited Edition Crate Available for Pre-Order From Loot Crate

Many people know Loot Crate as the company that sends monthly boxes of various geek-themed odds and ends, and the company has grown enormously from its humble roots. They’ve expanded from have a single box of geek collectibles to having more than a dozens of themed crate subscriptions to choose from.

Loot Crate has partnered with Bungie in the past to bring various Destiny items to their monthly Loot Crates, but the latest partnership is an officially licensed and co-developed limited edition Destiny 2 loot crate. Available for pre-order now, the Destiny 2 Limited Edition Crate is a one time shipment that will arrive to Guardians in April 2018. Pre-ordering before December 31 will get you an exclusive Cayde-6 pin.

Chris Davis, Loot Crate’s CEO talked about the fan demand for more Destiny collectibles in their crates. “The Destiny 2 Limited Edition Crate is a huge win for the fans of the Destiny franchise as it gives the developers even more opportunities to share the rich lore that anchors the universe behind one of 2017’s biggest game launches. We’ve worked with our friends at Bungie to put Destiny collectibles in Loot Crates and Loot Gaming crates and every time we do, fans ask for more – finally we can deliver this one-of-a-kind fan experience.”

While it’s unknown what exactly will come in the box (that’s kind of the point of these crates), there are some hints. Obviously everything will be themed around Destiny 2. The pre-order page does ask for hoodie size, so it’s not too much of a stretch to think that there might be a Destiny 2 hoodie coming. The press release also says “New crate to feature exclusive figure, apparel and other collectibles inspired and co-developed with Bungie from the Destiny 2 universe including upcoming expansions.” It specifically mentions an exclusive figure, but also says that the content was inspired by upcoming expansions, plural. Could the Destiny 2 Limited Edition Crate be shipping in April 2018 to time it with the launch of Expansion II for Destiny 2?

This announcement comes as Bungie is under a flurry of feedback from fans regarding transparency, specifically regarding a recent Destiny 2 experience throttle that was discovered by players on the Destiny subreddit. Fans are demanding less focus on new content and more focus on addressing existing issues, which Bungie has committed to doing. Later today, they will be releasing a blog post with words from studio leaders on how they plan to address all of the fan feedback in the three months since initial release.

The Destiny 2 Limited Edition Crate is available for pre-order in the US for $49.99, with $90+ worth of collectibles inside. Purchases outside of the US are $74.99, which includes shipping and handling + VAT. Do you plan on picking up a Destiny 2 limited edition loot crate?