Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package Out Now on PS4

December 5, 2017Written by Tyler Treese

Dead Rising 4 franks big package

Dead Rising 4 is finally available on PlayStation 4. The enhanced edition, called Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package comes with a new mode, all of the previously released DLC, and several improvements to the core gameplay. It’s the definitive version for anyone who missed it on Xbox One or PC.

Check out the Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package launch trailer below:

For more on the newly released action game, check out my Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package review. Here’s what I had to say about Frank West’s latest misadventure:

The best add-on, and what that is new to this updated release, is the Capcom Heroes mode. This is a new way to play through the story that changes the combat completely by having Frank West transform into various Capcom characters, and it has more in common with a Dynasty Warriors title than Dead Rising. Each character – even Frank West – has a set of standard attacks that are accessed by mashing the melee attack button, and then a set of powerful special abilities. This basically turns the game to an easy mode (at least on normal difficulty), but the action gets so ridiculous and fun to watch that it evens out.

Dead Rising 4 was already a highly enjoyable game when it released last year, but Frank’s Big Package really takes it to the next level. While not all of the DLC is a home run, the tweaks to the main game are all a net positive. The new Capcom Heroes mode is also a blast, and basically turns Dead Rising into a crossover musou title. Frank’s Big Package may look completely ridiculous, but it’ll leave you pleased in all of the right ways.

Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package is available now.