The Evil Within 2’s Free Trial Will Let You Try the Opening Chapters of the Game

Bethesda recently released a free trial of Wolfenstein II, so this comes as no surprise. There is now a free trial for The Evil Within 2, going through the first few chapters of the horror title. If you were on the fence about the game before, now’s the time to try it!

Bethesda released a trailer in honor of the free trial:

We have a review of The Evil Within 2, as well! If you’re on the fence on even downloading the trial (it does take up hard drive space after all), give it a read:

Sub-60 fps or not, The Evil Within 2 is a visual treat. A gory, bizarre, wonderfully dark treat. While the standard monsters Sebastian faces aren’t particularly frightening, it’s the environments in which he finds them that is impressive. Creepy rooms are a regular occurrence, with oddities dangling from the ceiling, or macabre portraits lining the walls of an old, creaky house.

Audio work can make or break a horror game. The first Evil Within featured a perfectly creepy ambiance and jump scares aplenty. The Evil Within 2 continues in that tradition. Every location in the town of Union has plenty of audio cues to alert you to what is going on. Eventually, you’ll learn to differentiate what type of enemy is just around the corner by listening to the moans and gurgling sounds they utter. While inside buildings, you can expect the usual noises: creaking floorboards, swinging chains, writhing horrors the next room over, and many more unsettling noises, especially when all you heard a second ago was your own footsteps.

The Evil Within 2’s free trial is available to download now.