Killing Floor: Incursion Coming to PSVR, Watch the Trailer & Gameplay

A new Killing Floor game was unveiled during today’s PlayStation Experience 2017 stream, and it’s coming to PlayStation VR. Called Killing Floor: Incursion, the title will feature a 4-6 hour campaign, a cooperative mode, and an endless survival mode called Holdout. It certainly looks to be one of the more fleshed out VR titles.

Check out the debut Killing Floor: Incursion trailer below:

If that’s not enough, there’s also two minutes of Killing Floor: Incursion gameplay footage to check out!

For more on the game, here’s how Tripwire Interactive President John Gibson describes Incursion over at the PlayStation Blog:

The first thing to know about Killing Floor: Incursion is that it was created from the ground up for virtual reality. We believe the best VR games are made specifically with the VR platform in mind, so we set out to create something that was unique and truly played to VR’s strengths. Scale and heights can be incredibly powerful tools to elicit emotion from a player in VR and Incursion uses both to great effect. The player may find themselves standing in front of something gigantic, or standing on a high ledge. These dramatic moments can only be experienced in VR and are exciting and memorable.

Next players should know that Incursion is a very tactile game – the player uses both hands to physically manipulate items in the world, to swing axes and knives, and to duel wield weapons like the star of your own action movie. The gunplay was designed from the ground up to be the most immersive and rewarding shooting experience players have ever experienced in VR. Features such as a procedural recoil animation system allowed us to model all the power and nuance of firearms while keep the action fluid without breaking the sense of presence a player only gets in VR.

Killing Floor: Incursion includes a full story based campaign with four to six hours of gameplay. The campaign takes the player through diverse environments fighting through a cast of mutated creatures that range from shambling zombie-like monsters to massive biomechanical abominations. Keeping the player company on this journey is NODE, a helpful robot companion that not only shares transmissions from the outside world, but also can be ordered by the player to hunt out ammo, health and more.

Killing Floor: Incursion is set to release in 2018 for PlayStation VR.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]