Killing Floor 3 announced

Killing Floor 3 Announced for PS5 in Gamescom Trailer

Killing Floor 3 has been announced for PlayStation 5 after Tripwire Interactive took to the Gamescom Opening Night Live show to reveal the game’s first trailer. While the trailer was brief, there appears to be no letup in the danger to humanity from the gruesome Zeds even if the game is set 70 years after the events of Killing Floor 2.

Can Nightfall save humanity in Killing Floor 3?

Killing Floor 3 is set in the year 2091. A megacorp known as Horzine is using bio-engineering and a brutal variety of cybernetic enhancements to create the ultimate army of Zeds. Players assume the role of a rebel specialist who’s part of a rogue group called Nightfall, and their skills and arsenal are the only things stopping the demise of humanity and the triumph of Horzine.

Up to six players will be able to team up to take on the new threat together. While the game is also available on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Xbox Series X|S in addition to PS5, there’s no word on whether there will be any cross-play functionality or whether those co-op parties will be restricted to the PlayStation ecosystem.

More information will be revealed before the game is released, although the only release date window we have right now is “soon.” The only other smidgen of information we have is that the game will be making the jump to Unreal Engine 5 so that Killing Floor 3 is “realizing its gruesome graphical vision and embracing its dark dystopian tone.”

Tripwire Interactive has managed to amass more than 28 million Killing Floor 2 players thanks to quite a legacy of free and premium post-launch content. Players will be hoping that the sequel builds upon this legacy and that support will continue well beyond the game’s release date.