Intriguing PS VR Game Golem Gets New Gameplay Footage, Details, and a Release Date

First unveiled at PSX 2015, PlayStation VR-exclusive Golem received new details and gameplay footage (above) at this year’s event.

In a PlayStation blog entry, Highwire Games’ Jaime Griesemer explained how the studio created characters and tackled the human interaction aspect in VR.

In Golem we focused on telling a very personal story about an injured child learning to explore the world through her magical gifts, with help from her fearless older sister and their over-protective father. With talented actors and MocapNow’s cutting-edge performance capture techniques, we have tried to bring this family and their struggles to life with subtlety and nuance that would not work outside of VR.

We’re also told that the developers worked on an intuitive control scheme that allows players to walk in the game’s world as they would naturally.

Last but not least, combat movements in Golem are in players’ direct control. “If they don’t manage to get their sword above their head in time, they won’t block that overhead smash,” wrote Griesemer. “And if they miss a cut at an exposed limb, it won’t do any damage.”

Golem will release on March 13 next year. It’ll feature a soundtrack by award-winning composer, Marty O’Donnell (Halo, Destiny).