PSVR Game Golem Gets One More Delay Before Launch

If you’ve been excited for PlayStation VR game Golem, you’ll be waiting just a tiny bit longer. At the last minute, Golem has received another delay, this time by only one week. The game is now set for a November 19th, 2019 digital launch for all regions. Additionally, the game will have a physical retail release in Europe on November 15th and one in America on November 22nd.

Golem has had a bit of a troubled history and quite a few delays. The game started development in 2015 and was originally announced that year during PlayStation Experience 2015. While occasionally appearing during game shows, there hasn’t been much said about the game. Finally, it was given an original release date of March 13th, 2018. Very shortly before it was supposed to come out the game suddenly received a three-day delay to March 16th, 2018. That didn’t last long, as shortly after it was delayed again, this time indefinitely. Back in October of this year, we finally got a new release date for Golem: November 12th, 2019. At least, until today when it was pushed back another week. Hopefully, this isn’t followed up by another year and a half delay.

If you’re not yet aware of the game, Golem is a first-person PlayStation VR game. You play as a kid named Twine who is bedridden after a serious accident has left him crippled. However, while trapped in bed, he discovers he has the ability to assemble and take control of stone golems. He begins to use these golems to explore the world around him, including an abandoned city full of monsters that he’ll have to fight off. The game is the first project by Highwire Games, the new studio formed by Martin O’Donnell, the composer of games like Halo and Destiny, after he was fired from Bungie.