golem playstation vr release date

Golem Finally Lands on PlayStation VR This November With Digital and Physical Releases

The PlayStation VR exclusive Golem has been in development for years. Publisher Perp Games and developer Highwire Games haven’t shown much of it in quite some time, either. Fortunately, the silence is at an end, as the highly anticipated experience will hit the PSVR this November with both a digital and physical release. Retail versions of Golem are slated to arrive in European territories starting on November 8th. North American regions will receive physical copies on or close to the same date. Preorders have gone live on GameStop, and are expected to be available at other retailers sometime soon. Meanwhile, Golem’s digital launch for all regions is scheduled for November 12th.

PlayStation fans who have kept an eye on all PSVR happenings may recall Golem’s unveiling during PSX in December 2015. Soon thereafter, the title’s first gameplay video hit the web, leaving quite the first impression. PSX 2017 saw the title receive a March 2018 launch date, which it clearly missed. Early admirers of what Highwire showed off should be pleased to learn a firm release date is once more circulating, especially since it is only few weeks away.

Golem puts players in the role of Twine, a kid previously been injured in an accident. Unable to get out of bed, Twine gains the special ability to craft and control stone golems. These huge creatures become a window into the world, allowing Twine to explore a massive abandoned city. While on this venture, players will collect a number of mysterious artifacts, which aid in untangling an incredible mystery that just so happens to link Twine’s family to the city itself.

Exploration in Golem is made possible by the free movement controls Highwire developed from the ground up for virtual reality. Melee combat serves as another part of the experience. Thus, players will have the option to block, feint, and perform counter-attack moves.

Fans who purchase a retail copy of Golem will find something extra in its packaging–a downloadable version of “Echoes of the First Dream,” Golem’s “musical prequel.”