ultimate chicken horse ps4 release

Competitive Platformer Ultimate Chicken Horse Launches Today on PS4

Are you ready to fight your friends by messing up their levels and getting yourself to the goal? Ultimate Chicken Horse releases today on the PlayStation 4, with an Xbox One release hitting this Friday, December 15. The console releases also come with the Elephantastic update, which adds a new character and more!

We’ll have a review of Ultimate Chicken Horse soon, but in the meantime, learn more about the crazy platformer from the developers:

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a party platformer that flips between strategic level building and intense platforming.

Build the level by placing blocks, projectiles, traps, and hazards, then try to reach the flag. If you can make it but your friends can’t, you get points! Repeat the process as you place more platforms to make the level crazier and more dangerous, and try to screw your friends over without screwing yourself. The result of this unique game flow is that every player becomes a designer and a player at once, responsible for creating dastardly levels without ever feeling like they’re really going into “level editor” mode.

You score points for reaching the end of the level (as long as at least one other person fails), for getting there first, for placing traps that stopped other players, for being the only one to reach the end, or for picking up coins placed by players and bringing them to the end of the level.

If anything, Ultimate Chicken Horse is a good way to end some friendships!

Will you be grabbing this game to play with friends?

[Source: Clever Endeavour Games]