Latest Monster Hunter: World Trailer Highlights the Furry Palicos

December 14, 2017Written by Elizabeth Henges

monster hunter world trailer

As Monster Hunter: World races towards its January release date, Capcom has a new trailer to hype up the new game in the franchise. This latest trailer highlights the Palicos, furry little feline friends that assist hunters. Of course, they’re super adorable too!

Here is the new Monster Hunter: World trailer:

While you’re waiting on Monster Hunter: World’s release, check out our preview for the title:

My PAX West 2017 demo was a multiplayer session, as I got to team up with four other aspiring hunters. Our goal was to hunt a Great Jagras that was roaming the area. Before we got started, I had to choose a weapon to use. While all of the weapons were available, I ended up just going with a sword and shield since it’s what I’m most comfortable with. A bit boring, but what can I say? It works.

Anyone who has played Monster Hunter in the past knows that locating the beast you’re trying to hunt is half the fun. Unfortunately, I didn’t actually get to experience much of the tracking portion. The lizard-like beast ran right up to me after about 30 seconds of using the new guide fireflies and looking at some footprints. It was sort of anticlimactic, but it did mean that I got to get into the action quickly.

The action is the biggest upgrade in Monster Hunter: World as it feels significantly more fluid than in previous games. As I attacked the monster’s tail, I had to make sure to dodge away from his attacks.

Monster Hunter: World will release on January 26 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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