Square Enix Details Latest Final Fantasy XIV Patch, Reveals Fan Festival 2018 Dates

December 15, 2017Written by Anthony Nash

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Today marks a big day for fans of Final Fantasy XIV, as Square Enix unveiled new details surrounding Patch 4.2 for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood which includes the newest 8-man raid, Omega: Sigmascape. The upcoming patch, titled Rise of a New Sun, will allow players to focus on Doma in the next chapter of the main scenario quest line.

The patch also introduces new updates including new trials and dungeons, a huge update to the glamour system, a number of base system enhancements, and the much anticipated Forbidden Land of Eureka as a place for players to explore. A brief breakdown of what’s included in the patch can be found below:

  • New Main Scenario and Side Quests
  • New Raid Dungeon
  • The Forbidden Land of Eureka
  • Glamour System Updates
  • The Feast PvP Updates
  • Housing Updates
  • New Primal Battle
  • New Dungeons
  • A New Duty Recorder Feature
  • Updates to bard’s performance actions, additional inventory through the use of a new companion storage feature, and more.

Alongside the news of a new update and raid, Square Enix has also announced the dates and locations for their 2018-2019 Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festivals.

North America will kick off the tour on November 16-17, 2018 in Las Vegas, followed by the European Fan Festival in Paris in early 2019. The festivals close out with the Tokyo Fan Festival in March 2019. More details on the events, including a trailer for them, can be found over at the Fan Festival website,

Final Fantasy XIV is available now.