Next Friday the 13th: The Game Update Brings Offline Bots, Holiday Events, and More

Illfonic has revealed details of the upcoming Friday the 13th: The Game update, which brings with it offline bots, max level increase, and holiday events.

Players will be able to select the new offline bots feature via the offline play menu, and can choose from among three difficulty levels: easy, normal, and hard. “The higher the difficulty you choose, the longer counselors will remember you being in the area, the more likely they are to fight you, the quicker they are to react to your presence, the quicker they are to exit hiding spaces when you leave, and the more likely they are to use Medical Sprays smartly,” said the developer.

Max player level will be increased from 101 to 150. Those who level up will be able to unlock various items including clothing options for Counselors, new grab kills for Jason, and more.

Last but not least, the holiday event will kick off on December 18. Illfonic writes:

Starting on December 18th and lasting through to the 23rd, your chances of rolling a Rare and Epic perk will be increased. My advice, hoard that CP you collect over the weekend and spend it next week instead.

Starting on December 23rd and running through to the 27th, your chances of finding BOTH Pamela and Jarvis tapes will be increased. If you’re rummaging through drawers and find one, maybe go ahead and be a Chad and keep it for yourself.

Finally, from December 23rd and running through to January 2nd, you will be earning DOUBLE CP. Please note that CP earned from leveling up is NOT doubled, but everything else is.

The update will be out tomorrow. Illfonic says that it doesn’t have an exact time for the release.

[Source: Friday the 13th: The Game Forum]