Fe Interview with Creative Director Details Art Direction, Inspiration, and Much More

EA has released a new Behind Closed Doors interview for the upcoming title Fe. Creative Director Andreas Beijer talks about the creative challenges of a limited color palette, inspirations, and plenty more. Fe is set to release in 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Here is Beijer on how it is to work with a limited color palette:

Is working with limited colour palettes more fun artistically?

Sometimes it’s rather liberating to design with a set of limitations. It can make it easier to focus on what is really important with the design.

In Fe we use color to tell the player different things, like where you are and which animals and plants have a connection.

Additionally, the inspiration for Fe’s art style is interesting:

What sources of inspiration helped developed their unique art style?

The character of Fe was mostly the work of my colleague, the fantastic illustrator and Concept Artist Stina Rahm, who also made many of Fe’s other creature designs.

For the creatures that I designed, I tried to create a fauna that could work with Stina’s designs and also creatures that I’d like to meet in a fantastical forest.

We knew that we wanted a chiselled, highly stylized 3D look and that in itself shaped the designs to a certain degree. Old expressionistic paintings also inspired us due to their use of brushstrokes, to breathe life into simple surfaces.

Finally, the design process behind one of the game’s most recognizable set pieces:

Does a huge reindeer towering over the forest present design challenges?

Yes, but mainly because there is so many practical things you have to consider. It is character design as much as it is level design, and those two things must complement each other rather than compete.

The technical aspect of the reindeer also dictated it’s look to a certain extent, as it often does when working with games. It was great fun to design and build and there were many people involved to make it work, so I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Make sure to check out the article on EA’s blog for more information and a bunch of great art!

Fe will release in 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

[Source: EA]