Sea of Solitude’s Creative Director is Already Finished With the Next Game’s Script

During E3 2018, Electronic Arts unveiled another of its EA originals, Sea of Solitude. A brief teaser trailer showed off the colorful world, crafted by Berlin-based indie developer Jo-Mei. In summer 2019, the third-person exploration experience launched on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. Naturally, Jo-Mei is ready to begin work on its next project. And, apparently, one significant piece of the puzzle is now complete. The studio’s CEO and Creative Director, Cornelia Geppert, has already finished writing the next game’s script. Interestingly, she both started and wrapped up work on the draft in one day.

Geppert shared the news with her Twitter followers yesterday, explaining that she woke up inspired. Hours later, she had a completed script in-hand. See Geppert’s tweet below:

At present, there are no publicly known details about Jo-Mei’s next adventure. A working title, Sands of Sorrow, was shared early in 2019, however. Whether or not the development team plans to augment the title as the project progresses remains unknown.

Sea of Solitude puts players in the shoes of Kay, a young woman who explores a submerged city replete with red monsters. During her lonely journey through the abandoned city, Kay aims to learn why she, too, has become a creature. At its core, Sea of Solitude examines how loneliness affects humanity.

[Source: Cornelia Geppert on Twitter via DualShockers]