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E3 2018: EA Announces Sea of Solitude

Alongside Unravel 2, EA’s second E3 2018 EA Originals announcement is Sea of Solitude. From Berlin indie developer Jo-Mei, Sea of Solitude is about a world in which feelings of loneliness turn humans into monsters. The main character, a young girl who is in a deeply dark space, turns into a monster herself. It’s then up to her and the player to find out why this is happening, and how to fix it.

Sea of Solitude is currently set for an early 2019 release. EA has launched the game’s official site, which is under the EA Originals banner. Signing up for Sea of Solitude‘s newsletter also will keep fans in touch with other EA Originals news. Considering the apparent success of games like Unravel and A Way Out, we’re likely looking at a sustained, ongoing effort from EA to continue courting these smaller, intriguing gaming experiences. The site also has some enticing new screenshots, so be sure to check those out.