New Valkyria Chronicles 4 Info Introduces the Famous Dog Along With More Characters

SEGA is releasing a new information batch for Valkyria Chronicles 4 at the latest Weekly Famitsu magazine that introduces new characters supporting the protagonist Claude Wallace’s Squad E. Perhaps the most important news here is that we finally get to know about the dog that has been featured in some of the earliest screenshots of the game.

The dog is named Ragnarok and it is classified as a medic dog, so it will be working together with Karen Stuart (voiced in Japanese by Yuka Saito), a gentle medic soldier who was raised in a mostly male household so she can interact with men well.

Another character is also introduced on the left side of the preview scan. She is Angelica Farnaby, voiced in Japanese by Ayane Sakura. She is a civilian girl who has an amnesia. However, due to her bright, selfless, and kind personality, she quickly becomes popular among army soldiers. There is also a scene where she stands face-to-face against the enemy Valkyria, Climaria Levin.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 dog

Famitsu also uploaded a screenshot featuring a new red-haired woman with glasses who doesn’t appear in the preview scan. She is Minerva Victor, who will be voiced in Japanese by Saori Hayami. She is the squad leader of Squad F, putting her in the same rank as Claude. Although she’s honoring the codes of chivalry, she is also sociable to her squad members.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is also confirmed to have the same growth system as the first game where experience is allocated to classes rather than individuals, so all characters with the same class will level up together. Reaching a certain level will unlock a higher grade of the class.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be released for PlayStation 4 in Japan first on March 21, with the Nintendo Switch version coming later in the summer. The international release, which includes an Xbox One version, currently only has a timeframe of 2018.

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