SMITE Update 4.24 is Live, Check Out the New Ultimate Skin

December 19, 2017Written by Elizabeth Henges

smite update

Patch 4.24 for SMITE is now live, and brings a neat new Ultimate Skin to the game! This patch features the Frostfire Ullr Ultimate Skin, featured above, and Hi-Rez Studios says that players “will witness Ullr’s appearance change as he levels up, going from a fledgling elementalist to an avatar of fire and ice.” He’ll also have another unique animations, making the Ultimate skin very worthwhile to grab.

Frostfire Ullr comes as part of the Odyssey series of content. Check out Chapter 8 of this content in the video below:

Also, if dev chats are your thing, here’s an odd video about patch 4.24 for your viewing pleasure:

If you’re wondering about the details of the patch, the SMITE official page has more:

  • Frostfire Ullr
    • Level up FX
    • Jump Stamp
    • Recall Skin
  • Arctic Seer Artio
  • Krampus Cernunnos
  • Crystal Gaze Medusa
  • Fallen Angel Nike
  • Fire and Ice HUD Theme
  • Ember Storm Level up FX
  • Let it Snow Fountain FX
  • Cutesy Recall
  • Play 2 games
  • Get 1 FWOTD
  • Get 30k Player damage
  • Kill 2 towers as a team
  • Play a Celtic God in 1 Game
  • Play a Warrior in 1 Game
  • Play a Guardian in 1 Game

Check out the official page for item balances and more!

Will you be grabbing the Frostfire Ullr skin?

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