Report: Is This Blizzard Job Listing for Overwatch 2?

December 21, 2017Written by Chandler Wood

A new job listing on Blizzard’s site seems to hint that we could be seeing Overwatch 2 within the next few years. While Blizzard continues to support their ever popular character shooter, there’s no doubt that the idea of a sequel has at least been kicked around and conceptualized by the team. The Blizzard job listing is for a “Senior Software Engineer, Gameplay, Vehicles” for an unannounced project. Here’s what the first part of the job description states:

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a talented gameplay engineer to help create vehicles and build vehicle handling features in a robust first-person engine for an unannounced project. The ideal candidate has proven experience in vehicle handling, with exposure to other game systems like physics, animation, and cameras. They must have outstanding people skills and a longstanding passion for playing games across multiple genres and platforms.

Though Overwatch doesn’t have much in the way of vehicles, it’s their only first-person game, which is a feature specifically called out in the listing. It is entirely possible that the job listing isn’t for Overwatch 2. It could be an expansion or event yet to be added to the current Overwatch game, or potentially an entirely new project.

One other bit of news that lends credence to the rumors of an Overwatch sequel was a slip-up by a Goldman Sachs analyst, Christopher Merwin, last week, who said “We are raising our 2019 and 2020 estimates on account of a robust multi year pipeline of games — Diablo, Overwatch 2, and a Blizzard mobile title — which we don’t think Street estimates are fully taking into account.” Not only does he explicitly say Overwatch 2, but he seems to have knowledge of a coming Diablo title as well.

If this job listing is for Overwatch 2, we can expect that Blizzard will be significantly expanding on the formula by adding vehicles to the mix. Overwatch continues to be a very popular game, and you can be sure Blizzard will want to shift that popularity to a fresh sequel before it grows stale. Treat this all as a rumor for now. Overwatch 2 isn’t yet confirmed, but we’ll keep you updated as any new developments are announced.

[Via: PSU]