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NieR: Automata Creator Yoko Taro Loves Housemarque and Their Games

Giant Bomb has spoken with eccentric developer Yoko Taro, creator of the NieR and Drakengard series, about his 10 favorite games of the year. His picks are all interesting, but three games on his list come from developer Housemarque. Seems he likes that developer a lot!

Here’s what Taro had to say about Housemarque:

I’d like to introduce Housemarque, a developer that I love, with my top third, fourth and fifth titles.

With these three releases, we were able to enjoy games with great craftsmanship and gameplay. However, Housemarque has recently released a statement that they are going to stop developing arcade style games.

Just as it is for CAVE, whom I mentioned earlier, this makes me really sad. I do want to believe that “a new era will be born, and I want to be excited for new styles of games that will come out of it.” However, I’m 47 already, and I can’t really imagine a future in which I’m devoted to a new genre.

This was an incident… that made me think that us, the players, will also fall and be left behind by the times as well.

But what’s Taro’s favorite game? it’s a bit surprising:

1. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

From the 3DS title, I have felt that the Animal Crossing series has a weird strangeness, or many gaps, in it. What lies beyond that strangeness is never explained in the game, so we have to imagine it for ourselves. But that made me think of how Nintendo really is a great developer for being able to create a game that lets us imagine many things for ourselves, when the current trend in gaming is the sense of obligation to “explain everything” within the game.

Check out Giant Bomb article for the full list.

Have you played any of Housemarque’s games?

[Source: Giant Bomb]