Reader’s Choice Most Anticipated Game of 2018 – Winner

December 29, 2017Written by Tyler Treese

PlayStation LifeStyle is doing our year-end awards slightly different from previous years. We wanted to put more importance on the act of getting nominated for an award, so we limited each category to five games. That’s not many, especially in a year stacked with great games like 2017 was, so it took a lot of careful deliberation to simply come up with each list. We also wanted to let our readers get in the action.

As such, we conducted two Reader’s Choice awards: Most Anticipated Game, and Game of the Year. Voting for both of these were voted by readers. Everyone was able to cast their votes in the comment section, Twitter, and Facebook. The first we’ll be unveiling is the fan vote for Most Anticipated Game of 2018.

So, if you don’t like the winner then you’ve only got yourself to blame!

Reader’s Choice Most Anticipated Game of 2018 Winner

god of war podcast

God of War

This isn’t much of a surprise. God of War has been one of Sony’s biggest franchises for over a decade now, and this new look has plenty of players excited. Our preview said, “God of War is back, and it has brought with it some fresh ideas. Not only in gameplay, with a helper character, truly defensive options, and the removal of blatant button prompts. But also in the world from which this game’s mythology is drawn from. Kratos continues to struggle despite a lengthy period of self-imposed isolation. Meanwhile, his son appears to be just as willing and able to conquer his fears and vanquish enemies as Kratos. Yet there remain so many unanswered questions: what is in that satchel Kratos is seen handing to Atreus? What happened to Kratos while he was away from the world? Who was Atreus’ mother? Or that woman talking to him? By leaving these things unanswered, Sony Santa Monica has left us all talking amongst ourselves, awaiting with a near fever-pitch level of anticipation, for what looks to be another solid entry in this venerable series.”

Of course, we’d also love to hear what you think. Did your most anticipated game of 2018 match the reader’s pick, or would you have liked to see one of the other nominees take the award? Stay tuned to find out the rest of the winners this week!

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