Mutant Football League Coming to the PlayStation 4 Later This Month

After taking almost 25 years off, the world of Mutant Football is headed back to consoles, as Mutant Football League will launch later this month on January 19 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Already out on the PC, the console release will make good on creator Michael Mendheim’s promise to bring the game to players across a variety of platforms.

A retail edition of the game is planned for this summer, and Mendheim has already said he has more plans for free content coming after the game launches. Sometime in February or March, Digital Dreams – the developer of the game – will publish a free update to the game that adds a multi-season dynasty mode that allows players to take over one of 18 teams, and build them into a perennial contender. The update will also bring with it a customizable playoff and a feature that gives players “dirty tricks” after defeating a CPU team.

For more on Mutant Football League, make sure to check out a description of the game below, courtesy of Digital Dreams:

Mutant Football League is the bloody-fun, next-gen, successor to arcade-style American football games, taking inspiration from over-the-top sports games such as NFL Blitz and the Sega Genesis classic, Mutant League Football. Digital Dreams’ MFL game delivers deep strategic 7-on-7 gameplay, with bone-crunching, tooth-shattering, head splitting hits, and a roster of comical ghouls delivering tongue-through-cheek humor. Oh, and blood. Lots of blood.

  • Two player online or four player local MULTIPLAYER gives you the choice to clobber one another or team up and crush opposing miscreants.
  • Choose from 18 TEAMS made up of blood thirsty, wisecracking Skeletal Deadheads, Armored Bruiserbots, Criminal Aliens, Mutated Humans and Monstrous Orcs.
  • Use Dirty Tricks during game play to Bribe the Ref, throw Bombs, or equip Shotguns and Chainsaws to your players to inflict maximum carnage against the unsuspecting competition for real difference-making moments!
  • 18 unique fields across the league offer landmines, booby traps, fire pits, toxic moats and buzz saws as fun but deadly obstacles.
  • Play as MFL All-Stars Wham Neutron, Bomb Shady, Ghoulio Bones, and more who dominate the league with their rising kill counts and ferocious abilities.
  • Multiple punishing play modes like EXHIBITION, PRACTICE, PLAYOFFS, or try to survive a FULL SEASON and reach the ultimate glory: THE MAYHEM BOWL!

Mutant Football League will launch on the PlayStation 4 on January 19.

[Source: Polygon]