Square Enix President Wishes Fans a Happy New Year, Shares Future Plans in Letter

In a new message posted to the Square Enix website, Yosuke Matsuda, the president and representative director of the company, took a moment to wish all players a Happy New Year and to look back at 2017 and what some of the plans for 2018 are, specifically what players can expect to see from the company.

In the letter, Matsuda noted that the huge boost in sales across all gaming platforms has presented Square Enix with major business opportunities going into the new year. Their goal for 2018 is to use the acceleration of technologies across the world as leverage to provide higher quality, more creative content for their fans in the new year.

You can check out a brief portion of the letter below and head over to Square Enix’s site for the full message:

A richer lineup of digital content platforms

Another key feature of the current digital content landscape is the smartphone. Annual global smartphone shipments are now in excess of 1.5 billion units1, making the smartphone an essential device for the enjoyment of digital contents, and the evolution of smartphone technology knows no bounds.

In the consumer game console space, March 2017 saw the release of the Nintendo Switch, which has proven a major global success, selling more than 10 million units worldwide. PlayStation 4 has also seen sales of more than 70 million units, and the Xbox One series, which has just added the Xbox One X to its lineup, got off to a good start during the holiday season. These successes present major business opportunities to game publishers and developers. 2017 was also a year in which Japanese game titles represented a significant presence on the global consumer console game market.

While the consumer console game market has been solid in the West over the past several years, it has struggled in Japan. However, we expect the Japanese market to gain significant vitality going forward as it joins the overall trend.

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[Source: Siliconera]