Latest Fire Pro Wrestling World Trailer Features NJPW Great Togi Makabe

Last week ahead of Wrestling Kingdom 12, New Japan Pro Wrestling  announced that they’re getting an official video game. It wasn’t a brand new game, as some had speculated, but rather that their roster will be officially coming to Fire Pro Wrestling World when it arrives on PlayStation 4 this Summer. The Spike Chunsoft title will allow players to control their favorite NJPW stars and compete in matches. It’s been out on PC since last year and is set to arrive on PlayStation 4 in Summer 2018.

We’re now seeing cross-promotional efforts come to light, as a new trailer for Fire Pro Wrestling World has been uploaded to Spike Chunsoft’s YouTube channel featuring pro wrestler Togi Makabe. Even though the promo he cuts is in Japanese, his intensity and charisma shines through.

Check out the latest Fire Pro Wrestling World NJPW trailer starring Togi Makabe below:

For even more on the upcoming Fire Pro Wrestling World, check out the game’s Steam description:

The greatest grappling game returns to take on the world!

Customize every aspect of the match, from your wrestler to the ring itself, in your fight for the championship belt.


    Organize exhibition matches, tournaments, leagues, championship bouts and battle royals with players from around the world.

    Modes include Deathmatch (steel cage, barbed wire or landmines), MMA rules and no-holds barred Gruesome Fighting.

    Create your dream wrestler from over a thousand devastating moves and even more body parts to battle for custom championship belts. Personalize the ring, mat logos and even the referee!

    Give your creations personalities with a robust CPU logic system that defines their every action. Does your wrestler play to the crowd, or play dirty? You provide actors for the ringside drama.

Fire Pro Wrestling World is set to release in 2018 for PlayStation 4.