Destiny 2 May Be Reintroducing Dead Ghosts and Other Collectibles

It’s no secret that the Destiny community isn’t exactly happy with the state of Destiny 2 right now. From Eververse pulling all of the focus to accomplishments just not feeling as valued as they were in the first game, Bungie has some hills to climb to earn back the adoration of its most hardcore fans. Those same fans have been waiting to see how Bungie is going to fix many of the big complaints that they have about Destiny 2, with a promised update to come from the team regarding the future of the game tomorrow.

As the team at Bungie attempts to open a more clear communication path with players, one particular tweet from Game Director Christopher Barrett caught my eye. In a reply to one of the community managers, one player asked if they were planning on bringing back collectible items like Dead Ghosts.

For the uninitiated, Dead Ghosts were essentially the collectibles from the first game that unlocked Grimoire cards. Grimorie cards provided lore and story to Destiny. When players said that they wanted lore in-game, Bungie obliterated the Grimoire and didn’t add Dead Ghosts to the sequel. Each of the planets does have scannable obbjects that provide story, but they aren’t tracked or collected into any kind of codex or grimoire. While the lore may be directly in the game now, it’s scattershot all over without organization.

It’s very likely that Barrett’s quick response is to help get players hyped up for what Bungie will be releasing tomorrow. I’m expecting we’ll find out more about Dead Ghosts and/or the collectibles that the team intends to add, along with a lot of other updates intended to placate a community that wants nothing more than to play and love Destiny 2. Hopefully it shows a willingness to say “we were wrong” and to add or change elements that worked so well in Destiny 1 but didn’t quite make the translation over to the sequel.

Are you excited to hear that Destiny 2 Dead Ghosts may be on their way?