Square Enix Doubles Down on 2018 Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date

If there’s one thing most Square Enix fans will tell you, it’s that long development times and game delays are to be expected. In fact, a lot of people have given it up as a forgone conclusion that Kingdom Hearts 3 won’t actually see release in 2018. The first time we were given a solid release window for Kingdom Hearts 3 was back at D23 in summer 2017. Alongside the reveal of a new Toy Story world, Square Enix dropped a big “Coming 2018” right at the end of the trailer to get people hyped. A year is a long time though, and without a definite date, or even a narrower window, fans have the understandable fear that Kingdom Hearts 3 will actually get pushed to 2019.

Yet hope springs eternal! Square Enix sent the following Tweet about Destructoid’s most anticipated game of 2018.

Sure, it makes sense for Square Enix to be excited that Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts were picked, but it also shows the company’s confidence in a 2018 release date for Kingdom Hearts 3. If they didn’t have full intentions to release it this year, it’s unlikely that they would be getting fans hyped up about Kingdom Hearts being a most anticipated title in 2018.

With that in mind, there are only 355 days left in the year, and chances are, if Kingdom Hearts 3 really is coming out this year, we’ll see it well before New Year’s Eve. A leak late last year showed off a Monsters Inc. world for Kingdom Hearts 3, which Square Enix has yet to officially announce. I think we can expect a lot of announcements about Kingdom Hearts 3 this year, particularly leading up to E3. Hopefully we’ll get the official release date sooner rather than later.