Dark Souls: Remastered Announced, Watch the Debut Trailer

It’s official! Bandai Namco announced today that Dark Souls: Remastered is in the works. This upgraded version of the game is set to release May 25, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It’ll feature “upscaled 4K resolution with 60FPS when playing on a PlayStation 4 Pro system, Xbox One X, and PC.”

View the Dark Souls: Remastered announcement trailer:

For more on the original game, check out our Dark Souls review. Here’s what our reviewer had to say about the 2011 PlayStation 3 release:

Dark Souls has a problem with not explaining the game to players. Unless you are reading online strategy guides, you are going to have no idea how most of the mechanics work. Some mechanics eventually get explained by NPC’s but there is no reason why the developers should make players use a mechanic for hours before explaining it to them. The game also doesn’t explain where the player should go. There are plenty of locked doors leading to new areas, and the player will accumulate keys throughout their playthrough. The player will have a hard time matching up keys to their corresponding door, and the maze-like layout of levels will cause the player to get lost many times.

Dark Souls is a worthy successor to the legacy left by Demon’s Souls. Not only has From Software given fans what they wanted, such as more weapons and spells, but they have also added a new faction system that goes above and beyond the scope of Demon’s Souls. As a single player game, Dark Souls presents a tight and polished experience with the player constantly chasing that new piece of loot, or that next soul level, or the next boss battle. The enhancement of multiplayer by including the covenant system is a huge boost to the enjoyment of the game. Demon’s Souls‘ servers may still be going strong two years after release, but however long they do last, I’d bet Dark Souls‘ servers will certainly last much longer.