Introspective Adventure Anamorphine Delayed to ‘Late Q1 2018’

Originally slated to release next week, the trippy cerebral adventure title, Anamorphine, has been pushed back to the unspecified date of late Q1 2018. Citing more time needed to put an extra level of care and polish on Tyler and Elena’s story, Artifact 5 has said that they will need a few more weeks with the game before it launches.

A little bit of extra care always goes a long way. We’ve been working on Anamorphine, our introspective adventure title, for quite some time now. Naturally, we’re excited to cross the finish line and let players experience the story of Tyler and Elena in full. As we draw near our intended launch date of January 16, we’ve decided that we need a few more weeks to polish Anamorphine. Thanks to all the members of our community for your patience.

We had a chance to preview Anamorphine at PSX 2017, and found it to be an incredibly beautiful adventure about the frailty and perception of the human mind.

When Anamorphine was announced for PS4 and PSVR, the developers talked about how dark and emotional the game will get. It’s not a horror game in terms of jump scares, but there will certainly be elements of a dark and mentally isolating horror, which is sometimes scarier than any monster, creature, or jump scare could be. Anamorphine is the journey that we all take in our minds in those darkest of moments, and from my brief demo, it looks to bring that surreal mess of cognitive emotion to an audio and visual apex. As much as I’m excited to explore the story of the couple in Anamorphine, I’m more excited, nervous, anxious, and scared for how Anamorphine will help my explore the depths of myself.

While you wait for the final release date to be announced, be sure to check out the “Inside Anamorphine” video above, with a commentary track from Producer Samantha Cook about just what makes Anamorphine so special.

[Source: Artifact 5]