Anamorphine Update Fixes Desert Bike Scene Crash on PS4, Lag and Load Times Being Worked On

You may have noticed that we have yet to post our Anamorphine review, despite being very excited for the game when we played it at PSX last year. The game suffered some delays early on, finally releasing last week on July 31. In our own playthrough of the game, we ran into a major snag that prevented us from continuing past an early level, resulting in a full application crash every time we tried. Fortunately, a patch is out now that fixes this crash, and another Anamorphine update is being worked on to address lag and long loading times.

The crash commonly occurred for many players at the desert bike scene. It’s an emotional moment, just when the game really starts picking up after a big event occurs. I tweeted at the developers to make them aware of the problem and many other players echoed my same situation. They would go to ride the bike in the desert surrounded by beer bottles only to have the entire application crash. Artifact 5 promised that they were working rapidly on a fix for the problem.

They announced the patch’s availability on Twitter today, while also promising to work on lag and long load times with a future update.

The rocky launch will certainly factor into a review to an extent, but we’re very happy to see the developer working hard to remedy the problems that people are having with Anamorphine. They’ve been extremely communicative with their players and that says a lot for a small studio just trying to make an emotionally powerful experience. We’ll have our review out soon now that we can continue with the game. If you found yourself at an impasse in the desert, try downloading today’s Anamorphine update to continue to explore the journey of mental unwellness.