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Housemarque Announces Multiplayer-Centric Game, Stormdivers

Following a recent tease, Housemarque revealed its upcoming project at Reboot Develop. Called Stormdivers, the video game is billed as the “first gaming experience of a new era” for the studio.

A very brief description accompanies the announcement trailer (above):

A high flying and heavy hitting multiplayer-centric experience.

No further information has been shared and we’re not told what platforms Stormdivers is headed to but Housemarque revealed that the project has been in the works for a couple of years.

The developer’s previous titles, including Resogun and Nex Machina, were well-received by critics but suffered from disappointing sales, prompting the studio to change direction. “This [low sales] unfortunately doesn’t help pay for development, which gets costly for high production quality,” Housemarque said last year. “We are exploring something totally different than what you might expect of us, but we believe this will lead to the creation of even more engaging gaming experiences.”

A multiplayer game doesn’t come as a surprise as Housemarque previously made note of its need to move with the industry, which it says is focusing on multiplayer games with strong communities.

Stormdivers will be powered by Unreal Engine 4. We’ll update our readers when we have more information.