Gintama Rumble trophy list

Gintama Rumble’s Trophy List is Shockingly Generic

The Gintama Rumble trophy list is now live on PSN Profiles, and it’s surprisingly generic. For a series as ridiculously over the top as Gintama, one would expect to do some funny things to earn trophies, but that isn’t really the case. Instead, the list is as basic as it gets and players get rewarded for simply clearing missions. That said, some of the personality of the show does come across in the trophy titles.

Check out the full Gintama Rumble trophy list below:


  • Those who protect everything

    Acquired all trophies.


  • Shiroyasha

    Acquired S rating for all Gintama Chronicles scenarios.
  • People are more free than they would believe

    Unlocked all skills for all playable characters.
  • We’ll return for sure

    Collected all Super Silver Orbs.


  • I’ll do anything for this guy

    Unlocked all Gintama Chronicles Achievements.
  • Once the flag waves, it’s goodbye

    Viewed all Gintama Chronicles Special Finishes.
  • The Best Disciple

    Carried out maximum upgrades for a single playable character.
  • What fine adults we’ve become

    Unlocked all playable characters.
  • City of Iron

    Cleared Kabukicho Ultimate Rumble with all playable characters.
  • Shall we reminisce about the good old days?

    Completed all Gintama Motion Pictures.


  • A Monster’s Child

    Cleared Prologue.
  • The stupidest samurai In the universe!

    Cleared the Chronicle Benizakura.
  • Here on earth, dawn always follows the night

    Cleared the Chronicle Yoshiwara In Flames.
  • You smoke too much, Old Man

    Cleared the Chronicle Kabukicho’s Four Deities.
  • Don’t think you’ll get past these thorns easily!

    Cleared the Chronicle Baragaki.
  • The courtesans have come to topple the nation

    Cleared the Chronicle Nation’s Courtesan.
  • Farewell, my dearest homies…

    Cleared the Chronicle Shogun’s Assassination.
  • Shinsengumiii!! Fight!!!!

    Cleared the Chronicle Farewell, Shinsengumi.
  • Let’s go home as a family

    Cleared the Chronicle Battle at Rakuyo.
  • Land of the Samurai

    Cleared the Side Stories.
  • Watch out for death flags

    Activated a Gintama Chronicles Special Finish.
  • Don’t look down on planet Earth’s cops

    Unlocked more than 30 Gintama Chronicles Achievements.
  • Bonds come in all shapes and sizes

    Activated Super Silver Orb Set Abilities.
  • You are indeed always this strong

    Activated Hurricane Clash.
  • Kamehamehaaa!!

    Used a Special Skill.
  • I’ll purge every single one of you

    Defeated 100 enemies during a single Awakening.
  • This is where you’ll all be executed

    Achieved 1,000 kills in a single battle.
  • Get in my way and I’ll kill you

    Achieved 1,500 kills in a single battle.
  • I don’t need a license to run someone over

    Achieved 2,000 combos in a single battle.
  • Just try and stop my ambition

    Achieved 5,000 combos in a single battle.
  • The orbs are in Fever Mode

    Activated 3 Ginpachinko in a single battle.
  • Good-For-Nothing Old Man

    Activated 5 Ginpachinko in a single battle.
  • Ultimate Attacks that are too difficult to execute can’t be used

    Activated Awakening Rumble 5 times in a single battle.
  • This eye sees all

    Executed Just Guard 10 times in a single battle.
  • Redbeanbunredbeanbunredbeanbunredbeanbunredbeanbun

    Acquired 5 Red Bean Buns in a single battle.
  • I’ll simply destroy this rotten world

    Defeated over 10,000 enemies.
  • I wouldn’t mind overthrowing a country

    Defeated over 100,000 enemies.
  • Just a couple more walls to go

    Defeated over 5,000 enemies while in Awakening mode.
  • Our practice swings can kill

    Defeated over 1,000 enemies with Awakening Rumble.
  • A lawless town attracts crazy folk

    Cleared Kabukicho Ultimate Rumble.
  • So we’ve learned to save the best for last

    Defeated a Kabukicho Ultimate Rumble Interloper boss in your last turn.
  • Yesterday’s enemy is still today’s enemy, or something like that

    Defeated all Kabukicho Ultimate Rumble Interloper bosses.
  • Your blade cannot cut me

    Won a battle without taking any damage.
  • Who needs censorship

    Defeated 50 enemies with Mosaic activated.
  • It’s the Shogunnn?!

    Acquired the Shigeshige Tokugawa Silver Orb.
  • I am Cello – Uuuaaarghh!!

    Defeated 100 enemies as Cello.
  • Everyone looks like they have Mohawks!

    Acquired 3,000,000 Pachi Orbs.
  • Welcome to the Shoka Sonjuku School

    Viewed all Gintama Motion Picture tutorials.
  • I know you’ll have my back

    Acquired 100 Super Silver Orbs.
  • Shut up, I’m changing my Image

    Acquired all costumes.

Gintama Rumble (preorder at Play-Asia using the code “PSLIFE” and save $3) will be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan on January 18, 2018. An English localization for Southeast Asia will be also released on the exact same day. However, it will be only available for PlayStation 4.