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Check Out Things You Can Do in the Open World Dynasty Warriors 9

Koei Tecmo has published a new information batch on the highly anticipated open-world action game, Dynasty Warriors 9. Check out the screenshots below to see new activities that you can perform in the game’s open-world system.


In addition to the information above, Koei Tecmo has also uploaded five more character gameplay trailers, bringing the current total to 65 out of 90 characters with gameplay videos published.

Cao Xiu is a cousin of Cao Cao who performed well in Wei’s campaigns until he was infamously defeated by Wu’s betrayal ploy at the Battle of Shi Ting. As he debuts in this game, he is being assigned a new weapon type, the Fan Sword.

Deng Ai is a late Wei general who was notable at the end of the Wei-Shu conflict for being the first general to reach Chengdu and witness Liu Shan’s surrender. He loses his eccentric weapons of the past and now shares the Great Axe with Xu Huang, although he retains his wrestling-style grapple attacks as his Musou attack.

Zhu Ran is a Wu general who was most famous for igniting the fires in the Battle of Yiling against Liu Bei’s Shu army. As bows are made to be universally equipped by all characters in Dynasty Warriors 9, he shares the same Staff weapon as Zhou Yu in this game, although he still retains the Blaze Bow in his Musou attacks.

Huang Yueying is the wife of Zhuge Liang. The famous strategist married her because he was impressed with her high intelligence. She helped her husband invent vehicles like Wooden Ox and Juggernaut Tanks; the latter can be seen in her Musou attack. In Dynasty Warriors 9, Yueying is sharing the same Pike as Lu Meng.

Yuan Shao is the leader of the Yuan clan, one of the biggest clans in China at the end of Han Dynasty. He was appointed as the grand commander in the Anti-Dong Zhuo coalition force. He retains his Stretch Rapier which was recently devised for him in Dynasty Warriors 8.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will be released first in Japan and East Asia on PlayStation 4 on February 8. The western release that also adds Xbox One and Steam versions will follow five days later on February 13.

[Source: Koei Tecmo]