Here’s How Dragon Quest Builders Switch Compares to the PS4 Version

The Dragon Quest Builders Switch port is set to release next month, and Digital Foundry has compared that new version of the game with the PS4 version. It’s a surprisingly solid Nintendo Switch port for a game developer before the Switch came out. The only real issues come from some frame rate drops when in more complex areas, but it mainly stays at 60 fps when docked, much like the PlayStation 4 version. So, while the PS4 version of Dragon Quest Builders is the way to have the optimum technical experience, the added portability definitely can make it worth picking up.

Check out the Dragon Quest Builders Switch and PS4 comparison below:

For even more on the unique crafting game, check out our Dragon Quest Builders review. Here’s a snippet of what reviewer Keri Honea had to say:

Now that the legendary Builder is here to get humans things, they won’t leave you be with simply building a city for them to live in. Some will order you to leave the safety of the village to explore distant lands and bring back other people, recipes, materials, and building blueprints. At least while you’re exploring there’s a chance you’ll learn a new fighting technique, find new treasure boxes, discover new materials that you weren’t sent out to find, make new friends, discover new recipes, etc. The list really does go on and on, which is one reason why I have a hard time putting down the controller. It’s not a matter of saying to yourself, “Just one more side quest,” it’s a matter of asking yourself, “Oh hey, what’s that over there?” That’s often followed by wondering what you can make with your new discovery, how can you spiffy up this room now, or what can you harvest now.

It’s easy to dismiss Dragon Quest Builders as just another Minecraft clone or a Minecraft-lite, but those who do will miss out on a very creative little adventure. I never thought building in the name of saving the world could be this entertaining or keep me up so late at night. I’ve always enjoyed the crafting side of RPGs, but this takes it on to a whole new level. It’s a crafter’s paradise more than it is a builder’s, something you won’t know until you pick it up for yourself. Come for the charming Dragon Quest look and feel and, yes, the Minecraft building; stay for the questing and crafting.

Dragon Quest Builders is available now on PlayStation 4, and releases February 9, 2018 for Nintendo Switch.

[Source: Digital Foundry]