The Latest Fortnite Developer Update Goes Over Some Changes to the Game

The folks over at Epic Games have had a busy month. Not only are they still working on both versions of Fortnite, but they also just released a brand new, fairly big update to the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite. In order to catch players up with the busy start to the year, Epic Games took to Twitter to share their latest developer update, a short video that aims to go over everything they’ve been working on.

In the video, Eric Williamson – the Lead Systems Designer for Epic Games – goes over the latest update to the Battle Royale mode, including discussing the disabling of Friendly Fire, how Epic Games is addressing a recent map exploit, and the latest bonuses to the Battle Pass system in the game. In case you missed the latest update to the game that the developer update is referring to, make sure to check out below for just some of what’s new in Fortnite, and head over to the post for the full breakdown:


  • Removed the Scoped AR from Supply Drops.
  • Updated the scope for the Scoped AR.
    • Replaced the old arrow reticle with a more modern design. It should be easier to tell where you are aiming and where your crosshair actually is.
  • The Snowball Launcher has been replaced by the normal Grenade Launcher.
  • Slightly increased the size of the grenade (loot).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed frag and smoke grenades exploding on impact when hitting shallow water.
  • Fixed an issue where the grenade toss animation ended prematurely when tossing the last grenade in a stack.
  • The Boogie Bomb effect will now kick players out of weapon targeting.
  • Players can no longer place traps while affected by the Boogie Bomb.
  • Explosion effects now play properly on water surfaces.


  • Friendly Fire is now disabled. This is exploratory and subject to change. We will be closely evaluating this and want your feedback!
  • Players will now immediately aim their weapon upon landing on the ground if they press and hold the aim button while in the air.
  • Pickups no longer take priority over reviving DBNO squad members.
  • Empty chests and metal street lights will no longer block players from building.
  • Corn stalks are now destroyed upon taking any damage.

Fortnite is now available.

[Source: Twitter]