Check Out the Uncharted: The Lost Legacy My Road to Greatness Winners

Sony has recently revealed the first winners of the My Road to Greatness 2018 competition, which allows players to nominate their cities for the opportunity to have Sony come and host a huge gaming event. The first winners brought the company to Mooresville, NC, where they built a huge Uncharted: The Lost Legacy event for the community.

As you can tell from the video above, a bit of hard work went into crafting the submission video for the North Carolina city, and it seems to have been worth it. Sony not only showed up with a ton of games available to play, but also various props and obstacle courses for players to play on. The Road to Greatness 2018 will continue to stretch on over the course of the year, so make sure to keep updated with Sony to find out the next set of winners.

For more information on the previously released Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, check out our review of the game below:

Once you complete the campaign, a few fun additions open up to you. Using unlock points earned by playing the game, you can toggle modifiers, which can do things such as modify voices, grant you unlimited ammunition, or change the way the game renders graphics entirely. A photo mode is also included, with all the typical filters and camera adjustments you would expect. However, it also includes the ability to set poses on characters’ faces, which can result in some hilarious shots.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a fun addition to the consistently solid Uncharted franchise. While this entry may be quite a bit shorter than the main numbered games, that doesn’t mean the key components that constitute an Uncharted game aren’t just as present. Indeed, you’ll rarely see a game with this high of production values for only $39.99. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a tight, action-packed adventure in India, and a trip well worth taking.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is available now.