Latest Warframe Update Introduces Ghoul Purges

Earlier today, Digital Extremes took to their forum to discuss the latest update to the PlayStation 4 version of Warframe. Starting today, four new bounties will be available in the game, allowing players to head out and hunt down Ghouls, a breed of creature that is certainly not to be taken lightly.

The new bounties are live now, and the Ghoul Purge will also introduce a new batch of Grineer Goul Enemies and Variants, some of which you can see below:


Known colloquially as the ‘drill sergeant’, the Augur is fast-grown into its enhancements. As with all Ghouls, no regard is given to the proper development of its higher functions. Cantilevered leg augments propel the unit toward the fray at speed, while over- and under-mounted extendable drill carriages magnify both reach and penetrating power.


Whether through aberrant cognition or sheer brutality one specimen always moves to the front of each pack. It is from this individual that the other units take their lead.


Vay Hek’s personal favorite, the Devourer is a maximal terror unit. Draped in shreds of the diapause bag that birthed it, this gap-mawed monstrosity barrels toward prey with furious intensity. Wrist-mounted hooks are welded to elbow joints and hyperpowered by a myotechnological winch system for maximum impact-and-pull.

Elsewhere in the game, the 1.51 update brings about a ton of various changes to the game, including dynamic weather to the Plains of Eidolon, changes to Focus points and Eidolon shards, and much more. There’s a lot of patch notes to go over, so make sure to check out the full breakdown of the update over on the Warframe forums. For a brief look at what to expect, however, check out below:

Dynamic Weather in the Plains of Eidolon!

The Plains of Eidolon now have changing weather patterns! This new dynamic weather system brings rain, lightning, rolling thunder, as well as fluctuating wind and cloud patterns. The Plains can shift from sunshine to rain (and vice versa) during the day and night, and rain will linger for a reasonable amount of time.

Jumping in puddles isn’t the only good thing about being out in the Plains during the rain! Take advantage of increased fish spawns and reduced visibility for the Grineer while it is raining.

A rain slider has also been added to the Plains of Eidolon Captura Scene. Adjust the slider from a light trickle to total downpour and capture your dramatic side!

Focus 2.5:

Since the launch of Focus 2.0 in Update 22: Plains of Eidolon, you have shared your thoughts and suggestions on where we could improve on Operator gameplay as a whole. Focus 2.5 is a reflection of what we’ve learned through your experiences and acts as a jumping-off point for future implementations that need more consideration before they reach you (daily cap removal for example).

Warframe is now available.

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