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Watch Dynasty Warriors 9 Character Trailers of Sun Shangxiang and More

Koei Tecmo has published five new Dynasty Warriors 9 character trailers today, starting with Sun Shangxiang, the daughter of Sun Jian and the younger sister to Sun Ce and Sun Quan who would later marry Liu Bei in a political marriage. She retains her iconic Chakram Wheels, and although Wang Yi is sharing the same weapon in this game, Sun Shangxiang’s moveset can still be distinguished by having her own bow attacks to correspond with her nickname, the Archer Princess.

The former Yuan general Zhang He is well known in Dynasty Warriors series as the most flamboyant and elegant character among Wei’s Five Great Generals. Unfortunately, he loses his signature Claws and is now sharing the Throwing Daggers with Wang Yuanji and Xun Yu.

Guo Huai, who debuted in Dynasty Warriors 7, is depicted as a frail man who served Xiahou Yuan and stayed loyal to Wei even after the latter’s son Xiahou Ba defected to Shu after a coup d’etat by the Sima family. He loses his Arm Cannon and now shares the Shooting Spears with Man Chong and Jia Chong.

Ma Dai is Ma Chao’s cousin who went with him to serve the Shu kingdom faithfully. He was known in history to have slain Wei Yan when the latter rebelled. As expected from looking at other weapon assignments, he lost his bizarre Magic Brush and is now wielding the same Twin Poleaxes as Zhang Liao.

Pang Tong, also known as the Fledgling Phoenix, is Zhuge Liang’s friend who also served Liu Bei as a strategist and was killed during the latter’s campaign to occupy Chengdu. He retains the Wind Fan, which has been recently assigned to him since Dynasty Warriors 8.

We currently have 70 out of 90 Dynasty Warriors 9 characters which have their gameplay videos published. Koei Tecmo has been on a steady pace of adding 5 new trailers twice a week. If this pace continues, all 90 character trailers should be available just before this game is released in Japan and East Asia on February 8. The Western release of Dynasty Warriors 9 will follow five days later on February 13.

[Source: Koei Tecmo]