New Kingdom Come: Deliverance Gameplay is Narrated Like a History Channel Documentary

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been described as Skyrim meets history. It’s a massive open-world RPG filled with choice and player agency, but without any mystical creatures or that nonsensical magic. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is rooted in true-to-life history, and the latest gameplay video celebrates that style in a particular way. Across 16 minutes of new gameplay, a narrator walks viewers through the ins and outs of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, sounding uncannily like a History Channel documentary on the subject. It’s a brilliant way to explain why Kingdom Come: Deliverance is set to be such a unique RPG experience.

We’ve had the chance to sit down with Kingdom Come: Deliverance a couple of times now, and each time came away fascinated by the sheer breadth and scope of the game. In our most recent preview from PSX 2017, we said:

Forget fantasy. Forget magic. Forget dragons and bizarre creatures. Kingdom Come: Deliverance might look a bit like Skyrim at a glance, but it’s far from being an Elder Scrolls clone. Kingdom Come is a massive RPG rooted in history and realism, both being central to the game design. The story of the lead is not that of the “chosen one,” but an ordinary man living in a moment in history. The setting is Bohemia in the year 1403. Though the main character Henry may not be plucked straight from history, every moment, character, and place around him is. Kingdom Come: Deliverance might as well be an interactive history book. The entire game is filled with history, a codex that is historically accurate detailing people, places, things, and events of the era. You don’t have to know history to enjoy the game, but it certainly offers a greater depth.

It’s virtually impossible to showcase the immense level of possibility that fills Kingdom Come: Deliverance, particularly in an hour. My PSX demo was a mere fraction There will be well over 100 hours of gameplay with the slower and more methodical style required, and no two players will have the same experience. Forget dragon shouts. Forget magic. Forget dragons and bizarre creatures. History is a fantasy playground and proves to be just as entertaining as magic-filled worlds with fictional stories.

Does this mini-documentary get you even more excited for the game? Kingdom Come: Deliverance will launch on February 13.