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Learn About Dynasty Warriors 9’s State Combo System With This New Trailer

Koei Tecmo has uploaded the third official gameplay trailer for Dynasty Warriors 9. This time it goes into detail with the game’s new action moveset, called the State Combo system. While previous Dynasty Warriors games had been known with the simple-yet-monotonous ‘mash Square while putting Triangle in-between’ Charge Attack system, Omega Force is attempting to change that in the latest iteration that is newly made from scratch for the new generation consoles.

The usual ‘mash Square’ attack is still intact here. However, it has been improved with a new moniker Flow Attack, where the attacks will “change depending on an enemy’s state, whether they’re downed, mid-air or in a normal state,” as stated by Koei Tecmo.

The Flow Attack will be different when you either begin mashing Square right away or instead start with the new Trigger Attacks which will alter the enemy’s state. These attacks can also be chained into a combo; for example, you can launch a Trigger Attack after the end of a Flow Attack string. The button commands for Trigger Attack can also be held longer to produce stronger attacks.

  • R1+Square = Stun enemies for a period of time
  • R1+Triangle = Launch enemies into the air
  • R1+X = Knock down enemies

Adding more variety to this new moveset system are the Reactive Attacks, attacks that are assigned to the Triangle button, “change according to the situation between the player and enemy, and allow players to create favorable situations.” You will occasionally see optional QTE prompts to press Triangle button. If successful, the character will unleash one of the attacks specified below:

  • Counter Attack: An attack that occurs when an enemy is about to attack.
  • Separating Attack: An attack that creates distance between the player and a nearby enemy.
  • Dash Attack: An attack that allows you to suddenly close in on a distant enemy.
  • Smash Attack: An attack that smashes a mid-air enemy into the ground.
  • Guard Break: An attack that occurs when an enemy is guarding. The enemy’s guard is cancelled.
  • Assault Attack: An attack that allows you to suddenly close in on an enemy that has not seen you, and deals heavy damage.
  • Finish Attack: An attack that occurs after repeatedly attacking and dealing a certain amount of damage. With a Finish Attack, you can defeat an enemy regardless of their Health.

Finally, there is a Special Attack that is exclusive to each of the 90 playable characters in this game. By pressing R1+O, the character will unleash a unique elemental attack, and they will also become invincible during the attack motions. And of course, this game still has the series signature Musou Attacks which are also unique to each character and can be launched both on ground and mid-air.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will be released first in Japan and East Asia on February 8, and the West will follow suit five days later on February 13.

[Source: Koei Tecmo]