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BioWare GM Addresses Fans’ Concerns About Upcoming Dragon Age

It’s safe to say that Electronic Arts didn’t have a spectacular 2017. From Mass Effect Andromeda to Star Wars Battlefront II, the company faced a lot of scrutiny, and its stance on monetization and single-player games certainly didn’t help.

Earlier this week, BioWare’s Mark Darrah officially announced that he’s serving as Executive Producer on Anthem and the upcoming Dragon Age. While fans were excited to get an official confirmation of a new Dragon Age game, others instantly feared that it’ll become victim of EA’s notorious monetization practices. BioWare’s General Manager, Casey Hudson, has addressed these concerns on Twitter, promising that the game will focus on story and characters. He wrote:

When shutting down Visceral Games and canning Amy Hennig’s Star Wars project, EA said that it wanted to work on something that players “want to come back to and enjoy” rather than a “story-based, linear adventure game,” prompting criticisms from fans who accused the company of prioritizing games that make it easier to implement microtransactions.

We await further details on the next Dragon Age, and will update our readers when we hear something.