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The Definitive List of the 10 Best PSN Message Stickers

I’ve got three passions: Frank Ocean, screwing up all aspects of my personal life, and PSN message stickers. Sadly, I can’t really write about the former two here, but boy can I write about the greatness of PlayStation 4 stickers. Most people probably haven’t used them (because who actually sends messages on PSN?), but Sony added some custom emoticons to their messenger app that star some iconic (and shocking obscure) PlayStation characters. It’s really quite silly, but that’s exactly the type of things I love in gaming.

A few of the stickers have become memes between myself and friends. A buddy of mine has sent a particular sticker starring Knack to me around 1,000 times, and I’ve likely done it the same amount. In fact, we’ve even got a version of it in our Discord channel because it’s that dang good.

In order to show off the greatness of PSN message stickers, I’ve meticulously gone over the complete offering of them (which honestly takes about five minutes since there are only a few different sets that have been added since nobody uses them). By doing so, I’ve created a 100% scientific, purely objective list of the 10 best PSN message stickers. You may disagree with this list, but that only means that you are wrong. It’s okay. A lot of people are wrong.

Check out the 10 best PSN message stickers below:

Are you one of the dozens of us that use PSN message stickers? Let me know what your favorite ones are in the comment section below!