Skyrim VR Update 1.03 Out Now, View the Patch Notes

Skyrim VR update 1.03 is available now for PlayStation VR, and it adds a number of new features. Not only can players now adjust the camera’s height, they can also use a crosshair when using PlayStation Move controllers. Several bugs were also squashed, making the game a better experience overall.

Check out the official Skyrim VR update 1.03 patch notes:

New Features

  • Added option for player camera height adjustment
  • Added option to adjust movement speed using direct movement with the PS Move Controllers
  • Option for crosshair when using PS Move Controllers added to VR settings menu
  • Crosshairs when using PS Move Controllers are now only visible when casting

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with left hand mode
  • Fixed issues where perks could be used before they were unlocked
  • Fixed Eagle Eye perk not working with crossbows
  • Fixes for the “Telekinesis” spell
  • Other bug fixes

Our review of Skyrim VR was highly positive, citing Bethesda’s virtual reality outing as one of PSVR’s killer apps that could sell headsets.

Every time I put on the VR headset, I’m reminded of just how incredible virtual reality is. A similar awe catches hold of me with games like Skyrim. It’s still hard to comprehend that Skyrim, a game from 2011 not originally designed for virtual reality, is now PlayStation VR’s killer app. Marrying these two ideas seemed like an impossible feat, but Bethesda pulled it off. Skyrim VR is anything but a simple port to virtual reality. It is lovingly crafted with care and attention to make one of the biggest and most memorable VR experiences since the platform first launched. Skyrim VR isn’t just a must-experience for PSVR owners; it’s a reason to buy the headset.

Skyrim VR update 1.03 is available now.

[Source: Bethesda]