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New Dynasty Warriors 9 Character Trailers Feature Liu Shan and 7 More

Koei Tecmo has uploaded character trailers for the last 8 base playable characters in Dynasty Warriors 9. We start with Liu Shan, Liu Bei’s son and the second emperor of Shu. He is being depicted in Dynasty Warriors as a character who, although actually able, is hiding his ability by acting aloof, leading many people to think of him as an imbecile. After being somehow assigned the Dragon Stool in Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires, he reverts back to Rapier which was his unique weapon type in Dynasty Warriors 8 and Xtreme Legends.

Guan Yinping is Guan Yu’s beautiful daughter who is said to be one of the possible causes of Wu betraying Shu when Guan Yu insulted Sun Quan for proposing to marry one of his sons to her. In Dynasty Warriors she is being depicted as an airheaded girl who can easily wield heavy objects. However, she loses her Double Mace from her Dynasty Warriors 8 debut and now shares the Cudgel with Pang De.

Li Dian is a general serving Cao Cao who is well known to have a good intuition of predicting enemy ploys. He loses the eccentric Wheel Halberd from his debut in Dynasty Warriors 8 so he is now sharing Guan Yu’s Crescent Glaive.

Cao Ren is Cao Cao’s cousin who also served him as the Minister of War. He gained recognition from Cao Cao’s son Cao Pi who would promote him even further after becoming the Emperor of Wei. Here he loses his iconic Buckler Blade and goes back to sharing the Chain Flail with Dong Zhuo just like in Dynasty Warriors 7.

Zhuge Dan is Zhuge Liang’s cousin who served the Wei kingdom. He staged a rebellion against Sima Zhao, the de-facto leader of Wei at the time, which utterly failed and led to his demise. He loses the unique Steel Rod assigned to him in Dynasty Warriors 8, so he now shares the Feather Fan with Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi again just like in Dynasty Warriors 7.

Huang Gai is a veteran Wu general who served three rulers together with Cheng Pu and Han Dang, and he also played a major role in the Battle of Red Cliffs / Chi Bi. He loses the Arm Blade / Iron Boat he had since Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires and now shares the Club with Xu Zhu.

Ding Feng is a late-era Wu general who participated in many battles against Wei and lived long enough to witness the Wei kingdom being replaced by Jin in 265. He loses his Moon Blade from Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires and goes back to sharing Knuckle Gloves with Meng Huo just like his first appearance in Dynasty Warriors 7.

And finally we have Dong Zhuo, the evil tyrant hated by many that a large coalition force was formed against him. He misgoverned his people by prioritizing his family and relatives, including his granddaughter Dong Bai which makes her first mainline Dynasty Warriors appearance in this game. He no longer uses the Bombs given to him since Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires as he reverts back to his Dynasty Warriors 7 weapon, the Chain Flail.

With this batch, trailers for all 90 base playable characters in Dynasty Warriors 9 have been published. Although Koei Tecmo has recently revealed four new unique NPCs (Xiahouji, Dong Bai, Hua Xiong, Yuan Shu) that will be made playable with post-release DLC, we do not know yet if they will also have individual gameplay trailers or not.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will be released next week in Japan and East Asia on February 8. The Western release will follow five days later on February 13.

[Source: Koei Tecmo]