Friday the 13th Game’s Kickstarter Backer-Exclusive Content Codes Stolen and Sold on eBay

Friday the 13th: The Game publisher Gun Media has revealed that a theft at one of its distribution partners ended in someone getting their hands on Kickstarter backer-exclusive content, which they later sold on eBay for a premium price.

The issue was brought to light on Reddit by several users including JasonsThrowaway13, who wrote a very detailed account of his observations and investigation. He concluded that Gun Media employees or the studio’s partners were involved in selling the codes, much to the dismay of Kickstarter backers.

The studio responded to the allegation after conducting its own investigation, and revealed that it wasn’t aware of the theft until now. Gun Media’s Daniel Nixon wrote:

First off, thank you for the information that you have provided. We previously assumed that backer-content keys being sold on eBay were the same as you; a fan who got in early and purchased extra keys. After reviewing the information that you have posted, it is absolutely clear that this is not the case. With some investigation, we quickly determined that the keys being sold come from a theft at one of our distribution partners. The company has worked to resolve the situation, but unfortunately, both we and the company were unaware of the digital portion of the theft until these auctions were brought to our attention. While there is not a never-ending source for these codes, we will be cancelling any unredeemed codes that have been affected by this theft.

For more information, follow the post on Reddit.

[Source: IGN]