Many Soldiers Were Hurt in the Dynasty Warriors 9 Launch Trailer

Dynasty Warriors 9 is set to release tomorrow, February 13, 2018, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The latest musou title by Omega Force looks to have some heavy improvements to the hack-and-slash formula, and definitely isn’t a cookie-cutter sequel. To show off the many new additions, Koei Tecmo just put out an exciting new launch trailer. Sadly, thousands of virtual warriors were likely hurt and killed in the making of it. Players will be able to avenge their deaths when Dynasty Warriors 9 releases tomorrow.

Check out the newly released Dynasty Warriors 9 launch trailer below:

We also have more information about the State Combo system and other mechanics thanks to a Famitsu translation:

The commonly known ‘mash □ button to simply attack’ method in Dynasty Warriors games is still returning in Dynasty Warriors 9. What made past games very repetitive in the past was that the □ attack would have the same attack string all the time. However, Dynasty Warriors 9 will have a new Flow Attack system, where the □ attack string will change depending on whether and which Trigger Attack has been used before the attack button is pressed.

For example, when the character uses a Trigger Attack that juggles enemies, the Flow Attack string will eventually connect to aerial attacks to follow the juggled enemies, instead of staying on the ground all the time. Famitsu also made a blurb that the simple method of combining □ with △ button for attack combos are still being kept intact.

Dynasty Warriors 9 releases February 13, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.