Free Fortnite Skins Available Now for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

To say that Fortnite has been a success would be an understatement, as the game has skyrocketed in terms of players and reach. As an added bonus for playing, Fortnite players on the PlayStaiton 4 are in for a treat, as they can snag some free cosmetic items right now, as long as they’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

With no formal announcement of the items, a PS Plus bonus surfaced onto the PlayStation Store today (via GameSpot) that gifts players with a glider and an outfit. The “PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack,” as it’s called, isn’t available for purchase anywhere else and can only be claimed if you’re a PlayStation Plus member. Should you meet the somewhat simple criteria, you can head over to the PS Store to pick up the pack and dress your character up.

free fortnite skins

In case you missed it, Epic Games recently outlined a ton of new steps and updates focused on improving game stability, some of which you can read below:

  • Identify and resolve the root cause of our DB performance issues. We’ve flown Mongo experts on-site to analyze our DB and usage, as well as provide real-time support during heavy load on weekends.
  • Optimize, reduce, and eliminate all unnecessary calls to the backend from the client or servers.Some examples are periodically verifying user entitlements when this is already happening implicitly with each game service call. Registering and unregistering individual players on a game play session when these calls can be done more efficiently in bulk, Deferring XMPP connections to avoid thrashing during login/logout scenarios. Social features recovering quickly from ELB or other connectivity issues.  When 3.4 million clients are connected at the same time these inefficiencies add up quickly.
  • Optimize how we store the matchmaking session data in our DB. Even without a root cause for the current write queue issue we can improve performance by changing how we store this ephemeral data. We’re prototyping in-memory database solutions that may be more suited to this use case, and looking at how we can restructure our current data in order to make it properly shardable.
  • Improve our internal operation excellence focus in our production and development process. This includes building new tools to compare API call patterns between builds, setting up focused weekly reviews of performance, expanding our monitoring and alerting systems, and continually improving our post-mortem processes.

Fortnite is available now.

[Source: GameSpot]