Dynasty Warriors Update 1.03 Fixes Frame Rate Issues, View Patch Notes

Dynasty Warriors 9 update 1.03 is now available to download on PlayStation 4. It fixes some of the frame rate issues as it allows PS4 players to toggle on a stabilization option in the settings. Some other bugs in the new release were also squashed, so it should be a better playing experience now.

Check out the full Dynasty Warriors 9 update 1.03 patch notes below:

– Added “Graphics” settings that enable the frame rate to be stabilized on systems other than a PlayStation 4 Pro console.

– Improved the frame rate.

– Implemented corrections that prevented an issue in which the ending movie would not be played and clearing the game was impossible during the endings for some officers.

– Corrected a number of other minor issues.

For even more on the newly released musou title, check out our Dynasty Warriors 9 review. Here’s a snippet of what our reviewer had to say:

While Dynasty Warriors 9 is among the least impressive games I’ve played in the series in quite some time, it isn’t without its promise. Most of what hinders it is poor implementation, not actually bad ideas. The open world would be a lot more exciting if enemies didn’t vanish and reappear from my screen as I walked forward a few inches, and if everything were a little more colorful or varied. Likewise, having something to do that isn’t just progressing from battle to battle is exciting, just not when it is a very simplistic fishing sub-game or ramming a horse into inconspicuous crates in the middle of forests to acquire rare items. There’s the chance for stealth elements to be relevant, but it isn’t when the player character can sneak into a castle or just mash one button and send two-hundred heavily-armed dudes flying into the air, never to be seen or heard from again.

As it stands, though, Dynasty Warriors 9 is more of a foundation for the next title than the dawning of a new era for the franchise. That’s perfectly acceptable, too, given that series like Dynasty Warriors inevitably must evolve to stay relevant. Right now, there are just some growing pains, and anyone who was interested in the newest iteration because of its new gameplay features would do better waiting for the next one instead.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is available now.

[Source: WCCF Tech]