Latest Street Fighter V Crossover Costume Challenge Out Now

After wrapping up the Extra Battle challenges for the Viewtiful Joe Crossover Costume, Capcom has announced its introduced another set of challenges into Street Fighter V, this time awarding players who complete the challenges with a costume themed around Star Gladiator’s June Lin Milliam for Chun-Li.

In case you’re unaware, every month Capcom releases at least one unique costume for players to try and grab, and they are only available in the games Extra Battle Mode. In order to obtain the costume, players must complete four challenges that take place over a month, so one per week. Each time you attempt a challenge, it costs you 2,500 Fight Money, meaning that the minimum amount it takes to unlock the costume for the month is 10,000 FM. The challenges themselves are time exclusive, so if you miss out one week, you lose out on getting the prize!

For a breakdown of the schedule on all four pieces of the costume, make sure to check out below:

  • Challenge 1: 2/15-2/22 (8pm-7pm PT)

  • Challenge 2: 2/22-3/01 (8pm-7pm PT)

  • Challenge 3: 3/01-3/08 (8pm-7pm PT)

  • Challenge 4: 3/08-3/15 (8pm-7pm PT)

For a brief summary of who June Lin Milliam is, check out her brief description below:

June Lin Milliam is a rhythmic gymnast from the Star Gladiator series that spawned two games, Star Gladiator – Episode 1: Final Crusade (1996) and Plasma Sword: Nightmare of Bilstein (1998)On the outside, June has a cheerful and upbeat personality that acts as a mask for the pain she experiences every day following the murder of her parents by the madman, Bilstein. Sharing a similar tragedy with her father having been killed by M. Bison, Chun-Li understands the weight behind wearing this June Crossover Costume.

Street Fighter V is available now.

[Source: Capcom Unity]