Learn How to Use the Monster Hunter: World Radial Menu

Monster Hunter: World is a definite step forward for the series when it comes to being beginner friendly, but there are still plenty of intricacies. One of those the overlooked systems in the game is the radial menu, which can be a literal lifesaver in-game. Thankfully, Capcom put out a helpful tutorial video.

Check out the Monster Hunter: World radial menu tutorial below:

For even more on Capcom’s action role-playing game, check out my Monster Hunter: World review. Here’s what I had to say about the new release:

As mentioned previously, hunting a monster can be a lengthy affair. These powerful creatures don’t go down without a fight, and this means that missions often last over 30 minutes. If you don’t have powerful gear (which requires grinding many of these battles in succession to pick up specific drops) then one good hit can take out a giant chunk of your character’s health, so it’s really a war of attrition as players slowly chop down the foes. As long as you’re appropriately leveled, these fights are a blast as they become real tests of strategy and keeping your calm during tense situations. One of my most memorable battles saw me faint twice early on due to sloppy play (if you faint three times you fail the mission), and then I basically had to fight a mistake-free fight for the rest of the battle. This resulted in one of the most tense moments I’ve ever had while playing a game, and it felt so satisfying when I finally conquered the beast.

This is the modernization that Monster Hunter definitely needed. Not only is it the most dynamic title in the series to date, it’s just a fantastic action role-playing game. Even if you’ve bounced off the series in the past, I highly recommend giving Monster Hunter: World a try. It’s where the series finally truly clicked for me, and that is very much by design. Capcom has updated their formula for a new generation, and it’s a real treat for all.

Monster Hunter: World is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.